July 14, 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth

If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be in Walt's private apartment, located above the firehouse on Main Street in Disneyland. Seriously. I love everything about Disneyland. So without further ado, in snippets and snapshots, here's our trip:

I really enjoyed the drive to California. Partly because I'd never driven there from Utah (first time seeing the red rocks, Vegas, etc...) and partly because I didn't have to entertain a toddler for 12 hours. Score!! My mom and brother came to Utah and spent the week with Landon. He had a blast, and was definitely more sad when they left than when we did.
 Arrival! The castle! The flowers! The giant mickey head on the lawn! Bah! Love it, love it, love it!
This time around we made sure to get all the "must have" Disney eats, many of which we had never tried before. It's tradition to grab a churro at some point, and the ribs and milkshake from Taste Pilot's Grill in California Adventure is an old favorite. But this time, we went to Blue Bayou (so cool!) and ordered the famous Monte Cristo. Oh. My. Heavens. Layers of turkey, ham and swiss, battered, then deep fried, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and served with blackberry dipping sauce. I've never had anything that more closely remembers a heart attack on a plate. Thank goodness we split it. Scott and I couldn't even finish the whole thing.

We also indulged in the Mickey Mouse Beinets. Mmmm MMM. They are sold at the Mint Julep Bar and come in a bag with powdered sugar. Shake. Eat. Repeat. Again and again. Also fell in love with the Dole whip. How have I never had that?! Find them outside the Tiki Room. Oh, and the sourdough bread bowls from Paradise Pier, filled with broccoli cheese soup. To die for.
On to another random collage: Right next to Blue Bayou is the door for Club 33. Our goal in life is to someday be cool enough to get in.

I've never been one to search for hidden Mickeys but while we were there I became obsessed with finding them. On the sign by the entrance to Splash Mountain is the smallest Mickey in the park. Looks like a little knot in the wood. Cute! And speaking of cute, how cute is this duck family?!

California Adventure: Fun, Fun Fun! Where else can you sit on a bench made of giant Popsicle sticks? 
We decided to go at the end of May to experience the Park at one of it's least busy times. I've only ever been during summer and am used to two hour wait times. It was so nice being able to just walk on all the rides, and realize it's only 2:00 and you've already been on everything. Although, going in May meant being there before Cars Land opened. (A perfectly adequate excuse to go again!) We did get to see tons of info about the making of Cars Land. Can't wait to go back and experience it!
I love color! The new World of Color show was amazing! Because of Scott's back problems, we go a front row, bench seat. Awesome.
And there you have it. After three days, we were done at Disneyland, but definitely not done with the vaca. When we first arrive in Cali, Scott had the thought to email his friend Gordon, who is the Director of Photography for Bones. Some of you might remember Scott was able to visit set a couple years ago. There are literally 100 factors that go into being able to visit that set. They are super strict about it. We thought for sure, we wouldn't be able to, but why not let him know we were in town?

Well, low and behold, it actually happened. We stayed an extra day and drove to the Fox Studios in Beverly Hills. When we got there, everyone had just broke for lunch so Gordon showed us to the craft services table and told us to help ourselves. Uh-maz-ing food. We had some time left before filming started up, so after lunch we wandered around the studios. Hello Royal Diner. Pretty dang surreal.

Then it was time to hit the sound stage where the lab was. CRAZY!! People, this is like my favorite show, and I was freaking at the lab. They were rehearsing, lighting, etc... and Gordon got us set up with some Bones Crew chairs, right behind his and the director's chairs at the monitors. We were introduced to the creator, Hart Hanson, who was hanging out since it was the last day of filming for the season, and he wrote that episode.

Nothing much was happening so Scott and I got up to look around the lab. Just as we did, the cast were getting in their spots for the take and we literally turned a corner and were face to face with Brennan, Angela, and Cyndi Lauper. I pretty much crapped my pants.

Originally Gordon said we would only be able to stay for an hour, but the producer who has issues with visitors on set ended up not being there so we stayed until they wrapped at 8. It just so happened that they were filming a scene that included all the major characters, (Minus David Boreanaz who was out shooting on location.) We talked with TJ Thyne for a while, and Michaela Conlin, who is hands down the nicest person ever. She introduced herself to us, was totally down to earth, and made sure to say bye, as we were leaving. It all feels like a dream.
After an incredible week, it was time to head home. 
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Danielle said...

How fun to read about your vacation! You look darling in your dress and you have such a fun way of looking at life. I'm not a big Disneyland fan but you sure make it sound fun. I'm glad you and Scott were able to have such a fun adventure together.

stacy marie said...

I want to go to Disneyland soooo bad! I feel like I'm the only one on the planet that hasn't been. I went to Disney World in Florida when I was little, but that was like, *thumbs down - fart noise * you know?

Anyways, love all the pics and that you guys got to be kid free!!! So awesome!

After I read this post I went to the website and found out that they have a boutique where the little girls get turned into princesses?! Ughh. We have to go.

So glad to see you back on the blogosphere! I missed your blog face.


Meg + Taylor said...

Hahahaha, you crack me up Becca! I love how much you love Disneyland. You're cute. And that's so fun you got to visit the set. You guys have some fun looking vacations!

Brianna said...

I'm all for going to Disneyland without children. Of course you need to take the children along sometimes, but it's so different to go without!! Love it! We haven't taken Susie to Disneyland but we did go to Disneyworld when she was about 9 months old. She napped through a lot of it. I have to tell you, your pictures are AMAZING. I was wondering if you do photo editing/ photography professionally? Thanks!

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