June 27, 2012

The Beach

This sucks. Being so behind on documenting our lives makes me a teeny bit sad. And overwhelmed. And crazy. There are so many pictures waiting to be posted, and words to be written, but there is just no time. Someday soon...

One thing we've done: The beach. Last time Landon was here, he was only two months old. Obviously he had a lot more fun this go around. When I took off his socks and shoes, he sat there with his feet in the air, no wanting them to touch the sand. (My cute little OCD boy.) After mommy did it too, he warmed up to the idea. In fact, he decided that pouring sand on his head was pretty dang fun. He even liked being in the water, until a big bad wave came crashing in and knocked him down.

Someday we will also live closer to the beach.

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Meg + Taylor said...

What a teaser post! I need to see more of your awesome pictures Becca Winn. But I know how you feel when you get behind. I'll keep checking in to see more of what you and your cute family have been up to.

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