December 9, 2011

Three Things I Will Never Understand

1. The physics behind the IHOP pancake. No matter how much syrup you douse it with, it always needs more.

2. Why some people leave such ridiculously large gaps between their car and the one ahead, while waiting in traffic. Scoot. Up. Then maybe we can all make it through the short left turn light, and the cars won't be backed up to Timbuktu.

3. How despite the fact that I keep an obsessively, meticulously clean house, I still manage to loose things. Seriously?!
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Meg & Taylor said...

Hahahaha-- I totally agree with the whole pancake and syrup thing. Actually I agree with all of them! And i think husbands and babies have a lot to do with missing items . . . it couldn't be us right?

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