December 5, 2011

Let the Christmas Festivities Begin!

I love love LOVE Christmastime! I'm one of those people who proudly plays Christmas music the day after Halloween. We got our tree the week before Thanksgiving. Why not make the most magical time of the year last a little longer?

The Perfect Tree
Since we were seriously the first people at Lowes to get a tree, we scored on a really nice one. There was one tree in the 3 - 5 foot section ($20) that was taller than Scott. (Obviously incorrectly marked.) Nice! While we were waiting for them to cut the bottom, Landon occupied us by putting his hands in his pockets then pulling them out. Over and over and over. He thought it was hilarious.

Christmas Lights
One night we had dinner over at the Riverwoods, and got to check out their sweet lights. Seriously, that outdoor mall is just covered. They are beautiful, but my phone pictures didn't do them justice so here's what you get...

The Grand America Hotel
Last year we had so much fun looking at all the gingerbread houses at the Grand America in Salt Lake. Naturally, I was stoked to go again. What did we find? One. ONE gingerbread house. Yes, it was huge. (We're talking the size of a small walk-in closet. But that's it?! It was basically just four walls with a stained candy door. Apparently all the bakers who normally contribute decided not to this year. How rude. Thankfully they had a piano and a new toy store that kept us entertained.

A few words about the pictures below...
  • The top right picture is looking up at a chandelier. (I was having a blast playing with Instagram on my phone.)
  • The framed monsters were moving. They looked so real - it was a total Harry Potter moment.
  • They had THE CUTEST pillows ever at the toy store.
  • Landon loves to stack, or line up anything.
  • After the hotel we went to the Gateway (outdoor mall in Salt Lake) and I found an Olympia Beer shirt at Urban Outfitters. I couldn't believe it!

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Meg & Taylor said...

I love that last picture of you! What a cutie you are! I wish we lived closer especially during Christmas time. I have to watch all my cheesy Hallmark movies alone :)

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