May 25, 2011

11 Months

I'm a little late in getting Landon's '11 Month Post' up, but here we go...

  • He has a grand total of four teeth. (The fourth just barely poked through today.)
  • He can identify his nose and head. Also can squat and roar on command. 
  • He is eating more types of food. Toast is a new fav.
  • He starts to dance as soon as he hears music.
  • He tests the limits more than ever. For example, he knows he shouldn't eat rocks and when we are in the garden I always look over to find him watching me while holding a rock up to his mouth. As soon as I spot him, he slowly goes to eat it. I stop him. Then two minutes later we repeat the whole process.

    Cute Things He Does:
    • Style his hair. It's all about the hair these days. He will dip his fingers in a container of lotion, pureed food, anything that resembles hair gel and go straight to styling. Also loves to carry around my brush and use it.
    • Sweep. Loves to push around the broom (and his new push toy).
    • Cook. Pulls all the pans out of the cupboard, stirs with wooden spoons, covers with lids, you know, the works.
    • Throw things. He plays this game with himself where he will go around his room picking up random objects and spastically throwing them back down to the ground. He just goes in circles doing this over and over again with the same toys. Or, if I have a basket of clothes, he will ferociously empty it for me. And lastly, at restaurants, he likes to chuck anything I set in front of him to eat.
    • Wear his hat. I've got to get a picture of this but when he is in the car and I give him his hat, he always places it on his head. Of course, it isn't really on right so he kinda looks cone-headed, but I  just love it.
    • Babble. Oh how I wish I knew what he was saying! He just goes on and on and it sounds like he is casting spells or speaking Arabic and he'll interject a chuckle here and there. So cute.

      Not-so-cute Things He Does:
      • Wake up 1 - 2 times every night and up for good at 6. Will I ever get a complete night's sleep?
      • Throw tantrums. Seriously, they are bad news. Like, if Scott doesn't give him the cell phone fast enough. Or I close the dishwasher door before he can come and grab at all the dirty dishes. The list just goes on and on.
      • Bite me when nursing. Yep, happened a few days ago and now it's infected and it is so freakin painful. Oh, and who is the only one is our household without insurance? Mmmhmm, me. But don't worry Landon, I still love you. 

        Here's to 11 unforgettable months.

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        Scott and Sarah said...

        Ouch! That sounds so horrible, I hope you feel better Becca! At least he's super cute!

        Scott and Sarah said...

        oops, that was on my sister's account, this is mitzi!

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