May 24, 2011

A Visit from Grandma

This past week my mom came out to visit us (mostly Landon). So fun! Here were the adventures we had...

The Park: Thankfully, we took advantage of one of the few really nice day all week and went to the park. (Although we were so glad she brought all that Washington rain with her!) Watched some soccer and softball games. Landon enjoyed clapping and cheering for the teams.

Park City: When we found out mom had never been to Park City, we knew we had to go! Walked around downtown, checked out some art galleries (one had original sketches by Rembrandt, Picasso, and others), shopped around the outlet stores, and enjoyed some good food.

Utah Lake: Scott was scheduled to take some wedding photos at Utah Lake so we all went along for fun. (Been wanting to check it out for a while now.) Since it had been raining nonstop for days the lake was overflowing. Pretty cool. I also took mom to Tucanos since they have nothing like it back home. And, Landon did some cooking for us at the house. :)

Gardner Village: My fav!! I had never been here before but saw an ad for it and knew mom would love to check it out too. It's this super cute shopping center in West Jordan and all the stores are in old log cabins and houses. I really enjoyed reading the history of all the buildings. There were lots of unique shops, some kid-friendly, some not-so-much. My top picks were Alton's Sweet Shoppe and the Sassy Baby Store. I had so much fun snapping picts of the place, and as you can see, Landon thought he was just too cool to ride in the stroller.

Bonding Time: By the end of the week, L started warming up to Grandma. He would carry on conversations with her, "feed her" with his big wooden spoon, and even let her hold him for a few seconds. He was especially fond of her glasses.

Farm Country: I thought Landon might enjoy a visit to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point. When we went, it happened to be "Sheep Days." Random. I can now say I've witnessed a sheep being sheered. Landon did pet the baby horse but was a little freaked out when it started licking his hand. Thankfully, in a few areas the smell of kettle corn overpowered the animal stench.

Car Show: While at the farm we saw a tons of tents, cars, people and heard some boppin music across the street. After further investigation we found a HUGE car show. We had a great time looking at the old, new, and unique cars, while gobbling up our kettle corn. (And I know this is a super random picture of us on the left but I really like it. Just us, being us. Makes me smile. And I guess mom thought it was more important to get the entire stroller in the picture than Scott's face. )

It was a fantastic week and we are so glad Grandma C came to visit!
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Courtney said...

His hats are adorAble and you are such a good photographer! How do you put all the Pictures in the collage? he is getting so big and has the cutest expressions and wild hair!!

Megan+Taylor Dicou said...

Its still is so weird to me that he can walk! Wasn't he just born a month ago?! Crazy how the time flies.

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