September 7, 2010

Adventures in Washington!

During the last two weeks of August the three of us headed back home to Washington. We LOVE it there, and it was so good to be with family. We were really nervous about how Landon would do on the drive, so we decided to go through the night getting there. Thank goodness! Landon only woke up three times and was only fussy for about half an hour, otherwise he slept. We drove (well, more correctly Scott drive) from about 9 - 9.

We stayed in Spokane for the night, then headed over to Olympia. Scott photographed a wedding in Portland early the next day. (Our reason for going in the first place.) Then on Sunday we blessed lil Landon. So amazing. Here are the happy fams:
Next we had a few days in Oly. We decided to have some fun day trips. First, took picts in downtown Oly. Miss this place!!! (Notice the BEAUTIFUL cloudy weather! Such a nice break from this horrible dry heat in Utah.)
My bro and mom. They had a blast hanging with the lil guy!
Then we went to Poulsbo. Scott and I have decided we are going to live here. The goal is to be there by next summer... (probably not realistic, but hey, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.) It's a super cute Norwegian town. This is Landon climbing the same rock that Scott climbed when he visited with his fam years ago.
They have an AMAZING bakery full of scrumptious treats - here was Scott's choice.
To get home, we drove over to Bainbridge Island and took the ferry to Seattle. Best ferry ride I've ever been on! The skies were totally clear and we had the greatest view of Mt. Rainier!!!
And of Seattle:
On another day we drove to Long Beach. (Yes, it does claim to be the world's longest beach.) My mom decided to drive off the beaten path (in the mini van). We got a couple feet before getting completely stuck. The holes made by the tires don't look that bad but the front bumper was completely resting on the sand and we had to be towed out. (Thank goodness for nice beach people who know what they are doing!)
Landon had fun at the beach. I LOVE HIS FACE! It was so windy; definitely a new thing for him!
We also walked through here (don't worry, there was a path), in order to get to the sweet lighthouse in the next picture. We got there 2 min before the lighthouse closed so we didn't get to go up it, but still had fun seeing it. It was sooooo foggy!
We also went in a few stores in downtown Long Beach. Can you guess what I'm about to eat? Chocolate-covered bacon. I know what you are thinking. I thought that also, but the guy at the candy shop said it was good and everyone comes back for seconds so I thought, what the heck? I also made everyone else try it. :) It was actually not that bad, although I don't think I would eat it again.
After our visit in Olympia, we headed back to Spokane to spend some time with Scott's fam. His grandmother came to visit from Ontario, Canada so we got a four generation pict:
On our way home, we drove through the day in order to see some friends in Idaho Falls. NOT RECOMMENDED. Landon was done driving after a couple hours and we had lots more to go. We stopped at Rexburg because we were dying to visit our old stomping grounds. Campus looked so different with all the renovations they are making.
Landon looking at himself in the dance studio.
And that was that. Our loooong vacation.
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Brent and Nicole Wilcox said...

How fun!! Wish we could have been there to see you guys. Glad to hear Landon did well (at least most of the time)

Megan+Taylor Dicou said...

YAY!!!!! I've missed reading your posts! I have been in need of some more cute pictures of your baby. He seriously is so cute. I love the picture of him in his stripped outfit, as well as the beach picture where the wind is blowing in his face--too cute.
Looking at those pictures of Washington made me want to move there. It's so pretty! Well I'm so glad you got to go on a long vacation and leave Utah for a little while :) I miss you and am glad to see that you and your cute little family are doing well!

Mitzi said...

I would definitely live in Poulsbo. I hope your dreams come true!:)

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