September 13, 2010

Happy 3 Month Birthday Landon!

Our little man is 3 months old today! Here are some stats and other interesting facts about Landers:

- 13 lbs, 15 oz.
- 23.5 inches tall.
- Has uncommonly good head/neck control. Doctors, nurses, everyone comments on it.
- He prefers to stand rather than sit on my lap. He just refuses to bend his knees!- He has just started getting interested in grabbing and feeling things. Loves to scratch at the canvas tote his diapers are in.
- He is definitely a morning person. When he first wakes up he will actually sit in his bouncy chair for a while and I can get a few things done. Otherwise he is mommy's little barnacle.
- Sometimes he will sit still long enough to let me read a book to him.
- He loves to hold his hands together, like he is devising a plan or contemplating life.
- He's started "walking" but steps on his other foot most of the time. (So cute!)
- He still doesn't sleep well. Has to eat every 2 hours during the night and refuses to sleep anywhere but right next to me.
- Loves to watch TV.- Drools 24/7. Now when he talks it's all spit bubbles.
- Must be constantly moving around.
- Has grown out of so many clothes, but there are still many to grow into.- He has a ticklish spot around his neck. It is sooooo cute when he is immobilized and laughing from being tickled!
- He has the cutest smile ever!!
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The Cunninghams said...

So cute! I love his little outfits!

Stephanie said...

Wow he is such a little cutie!! So happy for you! You must be loving it :)

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