July 26, 2010

World's Largest Water Balloon Fight

This craziness took place at BYU on July 23. Scott was filming it {as it was also a music video for Kyle Andrew's song, You Make Me Smile, and he was asked to help shoot the music vid.} Ironically, this is the song Scott has in his cinematography reel. Anyway, I'm glad I didn't actually participate. {Couldn't because of Landon.} Scott got absolutely killed by water balloons. His sunglasses cracked in half. He came home super sore. It probably didn't help that he was in the mid-zone between the two dueling sides. And, he was holding a camera so he couldn't really protect himself. Not that you would be able to anyway with 120,000 water balloons flying. There was just under 4,000 people - enough to beat the previous world record. These are some of the picts I got from the sidelines...
This is what Landon did the whole time: {Now if only I could get him to do that at night...}
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