July 29, 2010

Sooooo much to talk about!

1. Saturday the 24th was our 3 year anniversary. Yippee! It's been an amazing 3 years and of course it just keeps getting better! Since it was also pioneer day, we went to Provo's pioneer festivities. I ate a fish taco. Landon was very curious. Scott took sweet picts. It was hot. We also went to Olive Garden to celebrate (since we went there on our wedding day.) Of course Landon woke up and wanted fed RIGHT when my food came out. That's life. We also caught a glimpse of some fireworks that night. Only a glimpse though, because well, it takes a lot of effort to get Landon fed, then ready for a car ride, and by 9:00 we're all pooped.
2. It's official: Scott is deferring fall semester because he has too many other projects going on. Tons of commercials he doing, shooting a feature, touring New Zealand, writing an album for Warner Bros, shooting a couple weddings, etc... Because he won't be a student this means he can't have his job with the library's multimedia unit. Soooo, he will just be working freelance, which means between projects he gets to chill at home with me and the babe!

3. I finally joined twitter. Tweeting is kinda fun, especially since typing long blog posts with one hand is not. If you're on, go follow me @beccawinn

4. We are taking a road trip to WA to visit our families in August. Should be interesting with our third wheel along for the 16ish hour drive. (And that's time WITHOUT stopping to feed a baby...)

5. Landon is 6 weeks old and weighs 11lbs. He thinks bedtime is from about 5 - 5. And by bedtime, I mean he will maybe sleep 2 hour stretches during that time. Never in his crib, sometimes in his swing, more often on me. He smiles at us a lot now! Our little couch potato is just too cute.
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Linda said...

I love your blog! You look so pretty, too. It must be really amazing to have a little one. Landon is really cute :)) Micah and I moved to Indianapolis recently because he got a job offer.

Linda said...

Oh, and I started following you on twitter, too! I love twitter : ) I'm @MadamePolla.

Brent and Nicole Wilcox said...

Landon is so cute you guys. And Becca, you look gorgeous. Who would have even known you gave birth a couple months ago?! Thanks for clearing up my blog problem, I was having the hardest time figuring out what that was. Thanks for posting!

Jami said...

Happy 3rd anniversary! You are so beautiful, your baby is stunning, and you all seem so happy. I'm glad to see it.

Take care and keep on' posting!

(I know, I'm a hypocrite to even say it--we're in the middle of a move, though, so I'll get better in a few weeks. . .)

Courtney said...

You are from Eastern WA right? We are in Pullman so let me know when you come! We can meet somewhere maybe! Miss you!

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