July 18, 2010

Can't have too many baby pictures...

We have discovered that Landon LOVES his Winnie the Pooh mobile. He will smile and laugh and watch it for quite a while. This is a picture of him memorized by it.SNEEZE!
At three weeks, we did some naked baby picts. I originally wasn't going to post this one, and use it for baby announcements, but really - when am I ever going to get those out? Yeeeeeah, so here it is:
I can't believe this little dude is over a month old already. He has officially outgrown all his newborn size clothes. :( But, that does mean we have oodles of outfits that fit him now. This is one of my favs:
He is soooo strong! He loves tummy time and just lays there with his head up forever.
Lovin the tongue.
The handsome baby in daddy's lap. He is often wide awake like this. He really doesn't sleep much, maybe 10 - 14 hours in a 24 hour period. During his awake time, I have to keep him constantly occupied, otherwise he'll definitely let me know how bored he is.
Oh. my. goodness. SO adorable. Could he get any cuter? What's going on with the hand, little guy? We got this onsie from Scott's grandmother in Canada, but it totally reminds me of something you would find in Olympia. I picture some Evergreener's baby wearing it, downtown by the pier. Reminds me of home, so I love it.
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Megan+Taylor Dicou said...

Keep the cute baby pictures coming!!! He's so cute :)

Stacy Dean said...

these are beautiful pictures! he is a looker for sure :) love the onesie

Bryan and Carolyn Turnage said...

I love him...I love him...I love him!!!! You guys seriously made a beautiful little baby! And my happiness level just skyrocketed with these pictures! Thanks for sharing and making my day!

The Cunninghams said...

I have a hippy tree shirt for Noah too! It must be an Olympia thing.:)

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