June 1, 2010

Becca's Life in Pictures

Here we gooooooooo! Chubby lil thing - I was almost 9 lbs.
Can you believe I never needed braces!?
2 years old, chillin in the pool.
My fam was driving through Idaho and I wanted my mom to take a picture of me in front of the "pretty castle." I didn't even know about this until we recently found this picture. When Scott and I first went out to BYU-Idaho, we had our picture taken in the EXACT same place. Crazy!
An angel in the church's Christmas program.
First day of first grade. I don't think I could be any more stylish.
Always have loved to cook!
First day of fourth grade - and first time ever having short hair.
This crazy cat would kneed my head and eat my hair.
I just had to put this in - opening my Christmas gift - a new CD player. Also note all the VHS movies behind me.
Dance Team - HUGE part of high school.
First accident - not my fault! Some lady backed into me in a parking lot with her big ol SUV. You think she would have realized before crunching into the side of my car this much...
First weeks at BYU in 2005. This cat followed us around campus. 2006: First time making Thanksgiving dinner with roommates. Totally grossed out by the turkey.
2007: Scott and I went to the little town of Wallace, ID. (They claim to be the center of the universe??? Strange...) Anyway, this is also the town where Dante's Peak was filmed.
Bubbles! While engaged, Scott and I worked as appraisal photographers, so this is us testing out the company cameras.
I LOVE Disneyland. This is during our honeymoon, three years ago.
Haircut after we got married. Not really a fan.
Baking again! In our cute lil Rexburg apartment in the fall of 2007.
I don't even know.
Woooooo! Could I have my hair any shorter?! This was during my student teaching, fall 2008.
Fall 2009, school picture.
Helping Scott photograph a wedding, this past winter. It was COLD.
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Taylor and Megan Dicou said...

I loved going on your trip down memory lane! :) You are so photogenic--your baby is going to be so cute, and by the look of your last pregnant picture, he might take after you and be 9 lbs!

The Cunninghams said...

Hey! I haven't talked to you guys in a long time, but I found your blog and I wanted to say good luck with delivery! I hope everything is going well for you guys!

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