October 25, 2009

Broncos and Bones

Jared Hess, the director and writer of Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre has a new movie releasing soon: Gentleman Broncos. Weeeeeell, he decided to have a Utah premiere and since Scott has all these sweet connections, we got to go and it was free! Scott made it a surprise date for me. I really had no idea but when Scott told me to guess where we were going I totally guessed it to a T. Seriously, I'm that good.

ANYWAY, Jared was there to introduce the film and Scott was just dying to talk to him. After my 5,294 nudges for him to go out in the lobby and talk to Jared, Scott finally did it. Said he, "Jared is freakin' awesome!" Jared actually asked for his information so Scott promptly whipped out a business card. Cross your fingers something comes from it. FYI, the movie is funny but REALLY strange, like Napoleon Dynamite on drugs. Right up Scott's ally.

On another film side note, this week Scott spent an hour on the phone talking to the Director of Photography (in charge of camera department) of the TV show Bones. Gordon Lonsdale actually lives in Alpine too, but commutes to LA every week to shoot the show. He was very impressed with Scott's photography and invited him to come out and see the set. He also mentioned he might be able to get Scott an internship on Bones through BYU.
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Stacy Dean said...

my dream of befriending someone famous is right on schedule; go scott! muhahahaha. just kidding. although I totes am not surprised. how cool though. And that kid the movie poster....totes kristen stewart's ex boyfriend...michael aringura or something weird like that. I like that kid. but they broke up...she was diggin on rpatz's biscuits and from the look of things that kid wasn't goin heart throbs places anyways.


young love.

anyhoots, congrats! hopefully after interning with bones, scott will be makin millions of bones, tehe. okay not so funny. :)

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