November 14, 2009

Bring on the Holiday Cheer

I have always been the avid don't-celebrate-Christmas-until-after-Thanksgiving kind of person. But you see, down here in Utah everyone gets Christmas crazy the day after Halloween. Now, obviously the stores have all their Christmas goodies out this early. But seriously, I'm talkin lights in the yard, decorations in the house, Christmas music loud and proud all day long... the works. SO, I've decided to cave in and celebrate early this year. Why not make the holly jolly season last longer, right?

I'm actually pretty stoked about the decision and have done the following to get in the Christmasy spirit:
Scott's teaching me piano: Only thing I'm learning are Christmas songs.
Cleaned the house the other day: Blasted the Christmas music.
Went to our netflix queue: Added tons of Christmas movies.
And, I'm very much determined to get our first real tree this year. Yay!

Today it might even snow and I'm actually looking forward to it. Hot chocolate here I come...
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Stacy Dean said...

okay, scott teaching you piano is so adorable! I think your christmas spirit is inspiring me. I'm usually a dud on the ordeal. But I am determined as well to make this year count! and the ones after too :)

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