September 27, 2009

A Priceless Day

Ok first off, I've been totally inspired by my friend Stacy's blog. She is a designer and her blog is just so dang cute and I been so jealous. Soooooo this weekend I tackled the project of giving mine a facelift. Granted, I didn't change much but I am so proud of what I did do. (Yes, I will take a sec to brag because changing the post title font is somewhat complicated.) Congrats to me!

On to other exciting news... This Saturday was one of the funnest days we've had in a while. Scott and I have been so busy that we haven't had any time to just have fun. Consequently, I was determined to make Saturday memorable. Ever since I went to the Timpanogas Caves with my third graders, I have been dying to take Scott. Since the weather was going to be beautiful and it's not going to last much longer with snow in the forecast, we decided to go to the Caves. When I called to get tickets in the morning, I was pleasantly suprised to find out Saturday was free day in the Canyon. (SWEET!) That means we saved $20!! We took two of the girls living upstairs with us because they had never been either. They are so cute and kept us entertained on the hike. Ok ,and seriously it was the perfect time to go, with all the leaves dressed in their brilliant fall colors.

Well, 1.5 miles and 1,065 feet later, we arrived at the caves. They were damp and dark and oh so cool. The scariest part? When what little light we had inside suddenly turned off without any warning. Apparently the tour ahead of us had turned out the lights to experience the total darkness. Nerve racking for 2 seconds.

The coolest part? When our group experienced the total darkness and then our guide pointed her little red laser at my wedding ring and it lit up all over the walls with the light reflecting like a prism. So cool! Light only does that with diamonds. Scott gave a sign of relief that it in fact was a real diamond on my ring.

Second coolest part? Learning the history! So fascinating to me how people found these caves! There are three separate caves in the mountain and the first was discoved in the laste 1800's when a guy hunting animals followed a cougar into the cave entrance. Now seriously people these natural entrances are tiny, and with nothing but a candle to light up the inside? (See first picture.) Crazy. Thirty years later the dude's son found another entrance so he went to get Dad, who at this time was 73. The two of them lowered themselves down into the cave with a 60 foot rope. Problem was, it was still another 60 feet to the cave's bottom. Well, eventually they realized this and were able to explore the cave. These guys were really good at keeping it a secret. You see, they didn't want anyone to destroy the caves, so they didn't tell anyone for 8 years. Good grief! They went on to be potato farmers in Idaho, and the caves had to be rediscovered by someone else. The caves have been a protected national monument since the 1920's.
So, all in all, a totally well spend afternoon. We were beat. Took a nap for a few hours. That night, since Up has finally hit the dollar theater in Provo, we drove down there to see it. Now remember, we moved up north, so Provo is a good 40 minutes away. Oh! And we stopped before the movie to get some strawberries and cream fraps, which by the way, we paid for with a gift certificate from my mom. (So, in other words: free dessert!) Back to the movie: we get there 10 minutes before it starts and look up to see the big sold out sticker. Crap. As I'm telling Scott the unfortunate news, some guy comes over and hands us two tickets to Up. He had extras! And he didn't even want us to pay him for them. Can you believe our luck??? FREE. AGAIN. And a great movie.

What an awesome day.
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Stacy Dean said...

Okay, firsty-thanks for the blog shout out. you're the sweetest! and coolest. Secondzy's-wow. your trip was bombdotcom girl. (yea that's right, i just used bombdotcom lol) anyways, I would love to do something like that! and love that you had a great time (and free) with UP...we loved that movie! ohman...did you cry? I did...and I loved how they made you feel like getting older was a great thing by the end of the movie and not a scary thing. Anyways, I loved the posty. Miss you guys! p.s. do you think that when you and scott get rich and famous and are going to some premiere you could fer tots remember us? I would give you my kidney or something, it could be a trade off. okay. just a thought!

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