September 16, 2009

Chronicles of a Filmmaker

Ok, I went through over a thousand picts and picked out some of the best ones to represent Scott's new short, Air. It was a blast. Everyone worked so well together and had so much fun making it.
Day 1: The gym class with all the extras. The four on the right are actually all high school friends of ours.

Filming the crazy wally ball coach's scene.

That's my boy!

Could that setup be any crazier?

Scott goes for the unique shots - that's what makes him such a good cinematographer.

My job: script supervisor. I wrote down every shot and take, and notes about them to help make editing easier.

Heavenly clouds?!?

Matt and his guitar teacher, rockin out air band style.

Matt, the lead is hilarious.

The air guitar idol himself (This is Wayne, Scott's friend who is Scott's partner in the film.)

A girl in my class had two younger brothers that came for a small role in the film. They were 3 and 6 - so cute and so perfect. And, what little boy doesn't dream about squirting ketchup and mustard all over the place?

The lead girl, out the trailer window... over and over again.

After party at Dennys - 4am
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