October 3, 2009

Love and Hate List

Ok, ok, again I was inspired by Stacy's posts and decided to reflect on the things that I'm really liking right now and the things that I would really be happy without. I guess I really am more of an optimist because I could only think on one thing I'm hatin. Anyway, here it goes...


The flu: Oh. my. goodness. I have been sick since Tuesday. YUK. Started with aches everywhere, shaking, a fever and now has progressed to congestion, coughing and a very raspy voice. I hate breathing in and feeling the flem rattle around in my lungs. That can't be good. Oh, and then try teaching (aka TALKING) all day long on top of it. Because in all honesting finding a sub and getting plans ready is way too much work. Being sick sucks!

House and The Office. When your sick, you gotta lay around and watch something. Love these shows.

Squishy carpets: Ok, I don't know why I am so obsessive about this but I can't get over the soft, squishyness of our carpets. I think our last apartment had such hard, uncomfotable carpets that these seem so wonderful. But seriously, it's like what I picture walking on clouds to feel like. Sort of.
Beautiful fall weather: Fall is definitely my least favorite season. However, now I'm beginning to think that's only because I've always lived in a place where the fall weather sucked tremendously. In Washington, fall just means rain, rain, rain. In Idaho it meant snow, snow, snow. Here in Utah, we have actually had a whole week of beautiful fall weather. Sunny skies, 50s, crunchy leaves. I'm lovin that!

The Mysteries of Harris Burdick: This book is AMAZING, and INSPIRING. The author has compiled 14 pictures, each with a title and caption that get the imagination going as to what story would accompany them. These pictures were mysteriously taken to a publisher by a man named Harris Burdick many years ago. Burdick promised to come back the next day with the full stories to each picture. But, he was never seen from again. Dun, dun, dun. For the month of October, I am using it in the classroom to help the kids write some spooky stories. It will be so much fun!
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Stacy Dean said...

i'll have to check out the book! and get better girl! I woke up today all creaky and icky...and i'm prayin that it's just from the yoga. anyhoots, love the listy! oh wait...i had a dream about you guys...it's comin back....weird. I think I was talking to scott about his movie makin stuff...and he looked really tired and ragged. like he never got any sleep. WEIRD. that just came to me as I was writing this here comment. bye!

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