March 9, 2009


Yay! I love pictures... Welcome to my classroom: the 360 degree tour. I'll have you know the walls and shelves were completely bare when I was hired. Needless to say, it's taken a lot of sweat and stress to get it to look this fabulous. :)
We went grocery shopping the other day. Super exciting, I know. However, as I was unpacking the food I saw quite a difference in the food Scott choose for his lunches and the food I choose for mine. Had to capture it. Can you guess whose is whose?
So speaking of stress, Scott's been so overwhelmed lately with midterms, work, and getting his film program application in, that he is starting to age prematurely... and quite rapidly.
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Jami said...

My jaw is hanging down by how increcible your classroom looks!! I can picture you sitting for hours coloring perfectly every detail. Those kids are SO LUCKY to have you as their teacher.

Scott's food choices look just like what Travis would choose. (If his is the bottom one, that is--which I'm 99% positive it is.) Funny boys :)

You make the little things so much fun.

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