March 21, 2009

There is no season such delight can bring...

Yay for the official start of SPRING! It could not have been a more perfect day weather wise. Sunny. Soft Breeze. A couple puffy clouds. 70s. Beautiful. We had a huge BBQ to celebrate.

This weekend Jen, Scott's sister, and Richard, a friend also going to BYU-I, are here to visit. On Friday we all went to BYU's Guitars Unplugged. Now let me explain: At Idaho, this show is the biggest thing on campus. The entire Hart Auditorium fills. Although it's a huge show, the acts are usually good but seldom GREAT. It was so weird to see how different it is here at Provo! The audience was about 1/4 the size of Idaho's. There was no cool laser show or movie clips introduction. There was no commercials promoting student events between acts. BUT, the musicians blew our minds. Most were beyond GREAT. Tons of talent. One of our favorites was a father/son combo. They both played guitar and sang. Oh holy night, they were amazing! Oh, and they gave out free churros and otter pops at the event. Nice!

Due to inquiries regarding Scott's eating habits, (pictured early) I feel the need to apologize for my deceitfulness, and clarify. Yes, I completely blew the ratio of unhealthy and healthy foods out of proportion. Scott and I both each tons of fruit and veggies everyday and we both share ALL those snacks. We also eat the expensive, but good for you cereals and I bought some more salmon to have for dinner. I do take care of my boy, and that's that.

My license expires this month, so a few weeks ago I went to get a new one. Since my original is in WA they made me take the Utah written test. Would have been helpful to know it was open book, so I didn't waste time reading through it. Although most of the questions were like the following: True of False - Marijuana impairs your ability to drive. Wow, that a tough one. A girl next to me got caught cheating. I'm not entirely sure how she thought she could get away with it with cops monitoring the place like vultures. Yeah, I overhead that was her 3rd attempt. Poor thing, if only she took the time to READ the manual? Anyway, today I finally got it in the mail, and oh, what a sad state of affairs. Utah licenses are so ugly! I miss my beautiful WA one with mountains and sparkly green writing. C'est la vie.

Lastly, HUGE and EXCITING news to come. I can't post about it until Tuesday, but check back then!!
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Bryan and Carolyn Turnage said...

I like HUGE and EXCITING news!!!

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