March 7, 2009

Long Overdue...

Here are a few pictures to start with, that Scott edited recently. (We took these picts of the Rexburg Temple before we moved):
Yes, I realize I have not posted for almost two months. What a sad state of affairs. This reminds me of my journal habits... I get really into it for a few months, then all is lost. However, I finally feel like I am getting into a normal routine. Let me elaborate: I wake up about 4:45am, leave for school at 6:15, teach my heart out, get back home about 6, cook dinner (or more correctly, go out for dinner), prepare lessons, watch an episode of House, go to bed and start all over. My life in a nutshell. Scott's is similar; he has classes and work all day as well. We just got House seasons 1 & 2 and have started watching that each night. Good show!

There hasn't been anything really exciting happen EXCEPT.... SCOTT IS ON IMBD! Yes that is right, Scott was invited to join because of two short films he recently made. It takes over a month for them to approve everything and upload it, but finally all it there! (This means that yes, I am also on imdb, Woo HOO!) See his page here: Scott on IMDB

Teaching is going well, the students are much better now and I really enjoy being around them. We had an all day read-a-thon this past week in celebration of Dr. Seuss's birthday. Snacks, stuffed animals, sleeping bags, and tons of reading! It was great! We also went to a planetarium recently - so interesting! (I took Scott there for Valentines Day because it was so cool.) My classroom is starting to feel like a second home, I will post pictures soon I promise! The parents decorated my door for teacher appreciation week, so it's really cute right now. The students all signed a camping chair and gave it to me and it is so darn cute as well. It made me so stoked to go camping! We've decided we are going to buy some nice bikes and ride around this spring. There are tons of trails and neat places to explore here.

Other news: We have netflix now! Yipeee!

Let's see... Oh! We might get a kitten. Yep. Mmm hmm.

Annnnnnnnd, we had an "Oly Peeps" reunion in Provo. Tons of old friends from high school. Made me REALLY miss Olympia and the Pacific Northwest in general. I just wish it would stinking rain here!

Also, Scott is filming a movie! is having a commercial contest. Tagline: In 45 seconds or less, when do you know it's time to quit your job? He has a sweet idea and has spent all day filming it. Grand prize: 5,000 bucks. SWEET! He is also working on a documentary for his job, and may very possibly be going to San Fransisco to get footage in a month.
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Jami said...

I can't believe how early you have to wake up! And I was annoyed with waking at 5:30.

You summed up mine and Travis' life so well (only we're hooked on The Office and Chuck).

I'm amazed how busy teaching keeps me. Will I ever survive student teaching? It would be incredible (and a lot of work) to have my own class. It sounds like you are an incredible teacher giving 110% of yourself to being the best you can be.

Those pictures of the Rexburg temple are gorgeous! I'm so impressed. It makes me feel nostalgic to look at them.

Thanks for the update! You probably live for your weekends like we do--so enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Bryan and Carolyn Turnage said...

You are alive!!! Love it!!! We need a few hours on the phone to catch up. We just got back from vacation this week so hopefully by next week life will be back to calm and simple and I'll have time to call...but I loved reading about you!!! Miss you!!!

Tia said...

Well I know Scott's gonna win the contest! Woohoo! Will we get to see this commercial?

Stacy and Richard Dean said...

oh my lanta, giiirrll this is way over due. I thought you died or something. Anyways, wow. you lead a busy/fun life! And totally get a kitty! That would be great. That has been my dream forever. Not children, but a kitten. A little weird I know. Anyways, hope life is great and I can't wait to see pics of you and your classroom!

Leanna said...

I am so glad everything seems to be going so well. You sound like you are doing a great job teaching. I love the pictures of your classroom in your next post as well. So creative! I bet that took a heck of a lot of work, but I also bet the kids just love it, too. =D And that is so cool you guys are on IMDB! I'm going to go check it out right now!

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