January 8, 2009

Christmas Break

We had an amazingly crazy, yet fun Christmas break with our families. We spent time with my family in Olympia first, and because of the snow storms we were stuck inside the house. This was great because it forced me to just have some nice relaxation time. We read, played games and watched some cheesy made for TV Christmas movies. The one that topped the cake was Christmas in Wonderland on ABC family. A must see! Not even kidding. You will laugh your pants off at the random horribleness of it. Oh, and I should probably mention that Scott neglected to bring his boots, hence the garbage sacks...

During a break in the storms we managed to get to Spokane to spend Christmas with Scott's family. We had a wonderful time here as well. We even got to stay a few extra days because there was no way to fly out when we planned to. (They are literally buried in snow.) In the end, we had to completely change our travel arrangements. We ended up taking a flight to Boise, then renting a car to Rexburg. The drive should have been 4 hours long, however, halfway there DOT decides to close the only road that will take you right into Pocatello. Super. So we had to turn around and drive all the way down into Utah, then back up again until we finally got on Highway 15. Did I mention the whole way we experienced blizzard-like conditions? Needless to say, the drive ended up being about 10 hours long. Good grief.

Back in good ol' Rexburg, we finally started to pack up our apartment. We had only two days to do this but thankfully, with the help of a couple friends it wasn't too bad. Auf Wiedersehen Rexburg!
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