January 8, 2009

A New Start

View outside our front door
Mapleton, Utah. Home sweet home. For the most part. It's been an interesting adjustment- obviously much different than Rexburg! We love being in a bigger city though, with so many more options for food and entertainment. Our apartment is a good 20 - 30 minute drive from campus and all the action, depending on the severity of the snow and time of day. But anyway, here are some moving shots and picts of the new place...

Not wanting to drive anymore after the Christmas adventure

A little scared, not knowing what's to come

Not anywhere near as bad as it was to start
BYU is VERY different from BYU - Idaho. (I would never go to school here!) The people are no where near as friendly and there are definitely some bad cases of road rage. For goodness sakes, I obviously don't know where I'm going all that well, but I had like three people honk at me in the space of two minutes. Geez, take a chill pill. Scott has a few classes that he is looking forward to, although there will definitely all be a lot of busy work. He has a couple great teachers as well. One of them was actually a producer for the film, "Together Again for the First Time," (mentioned in an earlier post.)

I have spent the week applying and interviewing for various jobs. A few receptionist positions, and a few teaching positions. Hopefully I'll find out soon if anything is going to work. Sometimes I wish I was still in school, it was just be a lot easier. Being graduated is weird, and scary and arg I just need a job!
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