December 21, 2008

Winter Wonderland in Western Washington

We left Rexburg, excited to get away from the bitter cold and constant snowfall. However, as soon as we arrived in Olympia we found ourselves in the same boat. Quite an impressive winter storm has hit all of Washington, and hasn't let up yet. The roads are not only covered in tons of snow, but thick layers of ice as well. School, church, flights, everything is being cancelled. Wowzer!
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Courtney said...

I KNOW. i went home for 5 days after finals and it was so snowy!! that is so sad i just wanted to get away from it. but now i am back in rexburg and there is even more snow again!! i am so sad you moved though. i feel like everytime i make a friend in the ward they move the next semester. but i wish you the best luck with everything and i will keep in touch!

Deanski said...

Hey! We got the same thing in Oregon. Curses. Anyways, Hope your Christmas was great and that moving out of the apartment went smoothly. I hate cleaning and what not so I feel your pain. Anyways, miss you guys and talk to you later! P.S. We actually found the Twilight set and took tons of pictures! Sometimes being completely pathetic pays off you know? lol

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