December 14, 2008

Christmas Time is Here

What a bittersweet winter weekend!

Friday started off as a bum day. I got in an accident in the Snow building parking lot. :( Neither car saw each other and we hit; my front driver side and his passenger side. Our car isn't too bad, the front blinker is just broken and the car a little dented. Oh, and then I found out I didn't get the job I drove all the way to Utah to interview for. When it rains, it pours, right? That's ok though, if I didn't get it then I wasn't suppose to. Simple as that. Something else will come along. No use getting bent out of shape over it. I really do have faith that everything will work out. Joseph Smith said, "Whatever God requires is right, no matter what it is, although we may not see the reason thereof until all of the events transpire."

Despite the blizzard-like conditions and temperature below zero this weekend, we have had a blast with Scott's fam who came out for his graduation. It's crazy to finally come to the realization that we are leaving Rexburg for good. As hard as it was to get used to this little town we have sure come to love it, and will really miss it. However, we are excited for new beginnings in a new place.

Since we are moving this month, it seemed silly to unpack all the Christmas decorations just to pack them back up again. With an apartment seriously lacking any festive charm, and the busyness that comes with graduating, it has not seemed much like the Christmas season yet. However, today Scott and I finally had some time to relax, I spent hours making Christmas cards, wrapping gifts, and we watched cheesy Christmas movie after cheesy Christmas movie on TV. This one actually wasn't too bad, and it had Kirby Heyborne.
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Deanski said...

hey! no we clean (ugh) all today and leave tuesday at 5 am. I'm sorry about the car and the job! But I hope the fam time is going great. You guys are super! We'll miss you like...a lot! :)

p.s. i'm soaking an awful hand nail thumb in water and this was written with my left hand. I hate hang nails and this one is the mother of all hurtyness.

Leanna said...

I totally know what you mean about it not feeling like the Christmas season yet, even though Christmas is only days away! We were in the same boat with the Christmas decorating being postponed until after the move. It's amazing what a huge difference a few decorations can make! I also felt sad about leaving Rexburg, which is strange, because I thought I would be glad to leave. It's funny how the place can kind of grow on ya! Anyway, I hope things start looking up for you job-wise. And have a Merry Christmas!!!

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