November 2, 2008


Blurry, I know but it's the only way you could see the sweet lights in the limo

Scott and J. Meier

Scott has been putting in tons of hours to complete a documentary for Dr. Slaughter's House of Terror in Idaho Falls. It's actually the largest one in Idaho and in the top 20 in the whole US. Soooooo the owners of the haunted house set up a lil night full of VIP treatment for us, for the film premiere. A limo picked us up in Rexburg and took us out to dinner in Idaho Falls at a bomb italian restaurant. Then we were escorted by the DARE hummer to the haunted house entrance. The HH was awesome! Scott only peed his pants twice.
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Micah and Linda said...

Hey that's where you guys went, when we saw you guys @ the parking lot saturday night! That's Cool!!

Deanski's said...

Whoa...can we have ya'lls autographs!? That's sweet you guys. Anyhoot, did Scott really pee his pants? lol. And did the movie play at the haunted place?

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