October 25, 2008

Utah Trip

My new dream car

Possible place of residence

Obviously Scott was the only one happy about taking this pict...

Sunrise from the 10th floor of the hotel

Kyle Curd, one of Scott's mission friends came out to visit last week. Sooooo we all took a road trip to Utah. Did I mention Scott and I might be moving to Provo? Yeah, it's true. We looked at some apts while we were there... found one we might live in. But Provo is the last resort. Scott might have upcoming job opportunities in two places: 1) In Georgia making a Gone with the Wind documentary that would be put on the newly revamped DVD with the movie and 2) In Washington DC making a documentary for the US senate or something like that. Sweeeeeet! ANYWAY, when the trip came to a close, I drove us all home from Utah in Kyle's rental car, a 2008 Ford Escape. It was way nice... until I got a speeding ticket just 15 minutes outside of Rexburg. Whoops.
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Deanski's said...

tickets are icket! Sorry bout that! But good luck on where your life will lead. Maybe someday we will meet again! Aww I'm sad, we're going to miss you guys SOOOOOO much...ok not the time for goodbyes. Anyhoot, you're awesome and thanks for commenting on my funny hair pic. It made me feel special. Ok bye bye!

Micah and Linda said...

Wow, you guys are like happening people! It's fun to see your blog! I hope things will work out with anywhere you guys decide to go. Oh, we will miss you guys so much. It was always nice to see you guys around. Hope we can keep in touch! I love the Utah pics! They are beautiful!

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