November 4, 2008

Good News!

We are so excited~ we finally found a place to live in Provo! We will be in the basement apartment of this house. Sweeeeeet deal! It's just 10 minutes away from campus AND it's two bedrooms AND it's even cheaper then our lil baby apartment we're renting now. Scott might be able to do the Gone with the Wind project while going to school, just flying out on weekends to film. Other good news: We voted today~ first time, wooohooo! Also, Scott just got a job composing music for an independent film that has won a bunch of awards and such. To say the least, things are starting to fall into place, and life is good.
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Micah and Linda said...

Oh that is so good for you guys! I'm so happy for you ; ) And you guys got a great deal for place to stay. I wish you guys the best luck! I can't wait for my time to fly away from Rexburg and experience new things!

Deanski's said...

Whoa billy bob thorton. That's crazy, but not as crazy as a monkey washing a cat! So I haven't see you in a hundred and thirty years or something. How are you? Besides finding a place to stay and what not?

I'm procrastinating my homework soo bad...ugh. Okay...I'm going to go not do it now. Later!

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