August 28, 2012


My poor, neglected blog.
Summer happened.
And now the leaves are turning yellow.
Is September really just around the corner?
Oh my heavens.

To Recap: 

We've been swimming. At least a couple times a week.
Gardening. Landon loves picking all my tomatoes.
Riding bikes. Every night. To the mall, Target, the park, everywhere. Gosh I love being so close to everything.
Instagraming. Sorry dearest blog, but it's so much easier to take, edit, and post a picture to Instagram from my phone, than force myself to spend two hours on a blog post that is grammatically correct, entertaining to read, and well stocked with beautiful photo collages.
Couponing. Finally got back into my money saving mode. That takes a ridiculous amount of time and dedication, people.
Reading. It's possible I've spent a few naptimes gushing over a book rather than tackling the mounting to-do list... and stayed up way past bedtime, forcing my tired eyes to read page after page. My summer favs: Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale, (PS: Just met her. Amazing.) and Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson. Landon's a reader too, you know. First thing in the morning. After nap. Before bed. Anytime in between. His summer favs: Cars and Trucks and Things that Go by Richard Scarry, and Thomas & Friends: Animals Everywhere! by Rev. W. Awdry
Baking. Because it's been 100 degrees all summer and we don't have AC. Also been baking treats. I know, turning on the oven doesn't help our sweltering apartment but at least we have something sweet to eat. Summer favs: (Click for recipe) Gooey S'mores Cookies and Peanut Butter Chocolate Dessert
Sleeping. Sort of. Landon's finally in a big boy bed and likes to come snuggle up with us at 3 in the morning. It's cute. Most of the time. He did go through a month-long phase of sleeping in till 7. Those were the days. Now we're back to being up at 5:30am.
Testing. Why is it that every couple who actually wants kids has problems getting pregnant? Nothing like some good ol' fertility testing to top off our summer fun list.

And there you have it.

Oh, and have I mentioned Landon loves my phone? Constantly asking me, "Make pink phone call?" One of his favorite apps right now is "Talking Ginger." Basically an IPhone version of a Tamagotchi. You can have the kitty shower, brush his teeth, and blow dry his furr so he turns into a cuddly little fluff ball. Purrs when you pet him. Giggles when you tickle. Ginger also repeats everything you say. Landon just loves him. :)
I'll leave you with a few more of my Instagram photos... Still blows me away how much phones can do these days.

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The Cunninghams said...

Great pictures! I've been missing your posts! Good luck with the testing, I really hope you get answers and the right help!

Meg + Taylor said...

Though Instagram is easier, I'm really happy you still do a post from time to time :) I like feeling like I know what's going on with my far away friends. A couple of things… first, are those last pictures taken on your phone? They look unreal! Second, I love how much personality Landon has in all of his face expressions. He is getting so big! Third, I know how emotionally and physically tiring fertility problems can be, so if you need anyone to talk to I am here! What kind of tests are you doing? Hang in there Becca. If there is anything I learned from all of my body problems, it's that everything happens for a reason. That might not help right now, but someday it will. Miss you :)

stacy marie said...

He looks so grown up now! Man, one summer away from the blog and you guys come back all grown up! Your pics are so great. And I don't know what it is, but I cannot get on the Instagram bandwagon. I kind of hate it. No idea why. I hate twitter as well. I'm weird I guess. Anyways, welcome back!

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