March 20, 2012

21 Months

In only three short months Landon will be two years old. Two? How did that happen?

Some of the things I never want to forget about him at this age include:

  • The way he gives hugs and kisses to us, other kids, and his stuffed animals. With the kissing noise and a little pat pat pat on the back too.
  • His desire to do everything we do. Carry the mail, take off his coat, shave, floss, unload the dryer, walk around the store...
  • His developing language. He signs and says so much these days. Still no sentences yet, just words, but he gets the point across. "King ku" (Thank you) is his favorite and he uses it appropriately all the time. 
  • The way he arranges all his cars on the floor, then lays down to play with them. If he has a car in possession, he will do this in the middle of the store, daycare, dentist office, on top of the bathroom counter, anywhere.

A few weeks ago we went to Home Depot for their free Saturday workshop. They were even making cars! Score! Landon had a lot of fun hammering and was so excited to bring his new car home. The cute little apron he got to keep was my favorite part. :)

I just love watching Landon interact with other kids. He went for so long being so shy that I'm still not used to him "carrying on conversations" with other toddlers. He always seems to tell them "no" for something, but makes sure to sign it too (which he doesn't bother to do with me.)

Landon loves reading. He'll often find Scott and pull him to the "reading chair" in his room. His favorite books to read are long informative picture books about tractors, trailers, and cars. They put Scott and me to sleep within minutes, but he could look at those pictures for hours. He also has a new color book that we checked out from the library. He only likes looking at the yellow page. (He also loves his yellow shirt, coloring with yellow markers, and pointing out yellow things.)

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Meg + Taylor said...

He can't be turning two! That is CRAZY!!! I know I say this all the time, but he is such a doll! You have one cute kid Becca :)

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