February 2, 2012

Christmas in Washington (Part 2)

Holiday Highlights:
  • The Hands on Children's Museum. Such a cool place for kids. I used to volunteer there in middle school and totally forgot how neat it is! Why doesn't Utah have something like this?!
  • Christmas (x2). We loved being able to have Christmas with both our families this year. And Landon seriously had a ball chasing the cats around the house and under the tree. It was fun to span it out over a few days and collect a few new toys for Landon. :)
  • Christmas Lights. We went with Scott's family on a light cruise on Lake Coeur d'Alene. Sooo fun! They have an insanely long boardwalk and it was decked out with millions of lights. You cross the lake and arrive at the North Pole where Santa names off all the kids on his good list. Of course, Landon was one of them!
  • Riverfront Park. This is one of our favorite spots in Spokane. Carousal, giant wagon slide, ducks, ice skating. Not to mention, it's where Benny and Joon was filmed!

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The Dayleys said...

I LOVE the pictures of Landon and the ducks!! Too cute!!

Danielle said...

There is a hands on Children's Museum in Salt Lake. My kids loved going there when they were younger.
Wonderful pictures.
Fun to see you today at Real Foods.

Scott and Becca said...

Yes, good to see you too Danielle! Now that you mention the museum in Salt Lake, I think I remember seeing it a few times (at the Gateway?) but when we were there Landon was too young. I totally want to check it out now!

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