August 12, 2011


Landon has become a pro at throwing tantrums. We're talking full blown screaming, flailing limbs, twisting torso tantrums. Today, the biggest one came when I put a stop to his mud bath in the garden. He was absolutely covered. I tried to pull off his muddy clothes and hose him down, but with the kicking and screaming, I just ending up covered in mud as well. Good grief. I'm also guaranteed to get a tantrum during every single diaper change. That boy would rather walk around in his poopy diaper all day that lay down for 5 seconds and let me change it. He's so silly.

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The Cunninghams said...

oh boy! Noah used to do that with diaper changes too. We'd have to sit on him and change him upside down. It took a few months, but he doesn't go it now. I hope landon stops too!

About the book exchange, I just did one a couple of months ago and almost none of my frienda actually did it so I would hate for you to not get any! I like the idea, but I need to find more reliable people to actually send them out before I do it again. Thanks though! I hope you get lots!

Megan+Taylor Dicou said...

Good luck with that :) I thought they weren't suppose to do that until they were two?!

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