July 29, 2011

Here's to Four Years

On July 24, we celebrated a whopping 4 years of marriage. These 4 years seriously feel like 10, but that's probably because we've been together for almost 10 years. Those early years feel like a dream; things are just SO different now. 4 years, 3 states, 6 apartments, 1 baby, later... here we are. I've learned a lot. A lot about me, about Scott, and about life in general. So, here are my 4 bits of advice; nothing new, but I've found they are so true.

1. Do something for yourself. Whether it's blogging, gardening, or working out, when I've had just a little me time each day, I am so much better off.

2. Make time for each other. We're still working on this one. With a crazy career and a crazy child, sometimes it seems like this just isn't possible. Well, slowly, we've been able to spend more time just the two of us, and it does wonders for our relationship. A little hug, kiss, and Lindt truffle go a long way too. :)

3. Expand the family. Words can't describe how different life is when two become three. Even though it seems at times that Landon is vying for the most-challenging-child-on-the-planet-award, I love him to pieces and he is everything to me. He is teaching me so much, and every day I think about how thankful I am for him. I gotta say though, if one more person tells me their newborn is sleeping through the night, I think I'll have a hernia.

4. Stick together. You can plan how you'd like things to work out all you want, but in the end you just have to hold hands, take a deep breath, and step into the unknown together.
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Alicia said...

Good advice! I hear you on all of those! Adding a baby makes everything so much different...especially on much less sleep!

The Dayleys said...

What wonderful advice :) I completely agree with number one. I always need me time :)

Laura said...

Happy (belated) anniversary!

And I can say after being married 17 years so far, that your adivice is spot on. Especially #4. Life & love is a rollercoaster and commitment is the key to making it work. (and none of my babies slept through the night until the toddler years - at the time it was rough but in hindsight it was really a very short time in life).

You have a beautiful fmaily! God Bless!

Brent and Nicole said...

Hurray for anniversaries! I always remember yours because it was just a couple days before ours. There were quite a few weddings within those couple of weeks. Great insights, it's good to see someone who has moved around as much as we have :) Congratulations on your cute little family!

stacy marie said...

yeah for 4 years!!!!!! congrats my friend :)

Courtney said...

Yes Please sign me up for a book exchange. My address is 620 NE Kamiaken #C305 Pullman WA 99163 and my e-mail is court.k.mattoon@gmail.com just so you have it for next time! Thanks for thinking of me. Hope you are doing well!

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