June 18, 2011

Landon's First Birthday

The Birthday Boy: He's one?! Oh my heavens. We went to WA and celebrated the big event while there. (We also did a bunch of other things, but this post alone has taken 2 hours, so the rest of the trip will have to wait.) Here comes picture overload...

The Circus Theme: I've never put together a cutsie party like this, but so glad I did! Tons of fun! Loved crafting all the little tags and banner. Got a lot of inspiration online. I love Hostess with the Mostess!

The Guests: The party was held in Spokane at the in-law's house. My fam came out from Olympia to join in the fun. Scott's grandmother was visiting because there was a graduating senior in the family so she got to be there too. And as a random side note, it was actually her birthday that day! In the first picture below, those are three of Scott's sisters on the left, and my younger brother and sister on the right.

The Game: I found this cute game idea online. I think it's actually a Koren tradition for first birthdays. Anyway, everyone cast their vote on what they thought Landon would be when he grows up: pilot, scholar, musician, filmmaker, or athlete. Each profession had a toy representing it that was put outside. (He had never seen these toys before.) Then we let Landon loose, and guess what he chose? Filmmaker! Only Scott, me, and Jen (Scott's oldest sis) picked this job. Atta boy!

The Cake: Scott's mom had a friend make this amazing cake. It turned out just perfect and the top was even dairy-free, chocolate-cherry for Landon. At first Landon was very disgusted by it but once he got a good bite he seemed to enjoy it... for a couple minutes at least.

Lollipop, Lollipop: What's a circus themed party without a giant swirly pop?! Although, Landon was more interested in chewing on the stick than licking the sugary treat.

The Gifts: Landon is getting better and better at opening gifts. And by this I mean, he started holding up each item for everyone to see. How thoughtful.

Happy birthday little man! We love you to pieces!
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stacy marie said...

ADorable! Way to go girl. Hostess with the Mostess is pretty bomb and so are you :)

The Dayleys said...

What a darling birthday party!! You did such a wonderful job!! Landon sure is a cutie!! Happy 1st birthday Landon!

Megan+Taylor Dicou said...

I have been waiting patiently for you to post again! I absolutely LOVE the party theme and decorations. You are so crafty! It makes me jealous ;) Can't believe he's already ONE! Holy cow! He is just as cute as ever and you are also looking as cute/good as ever. I'm glad you got to get out of Utah for a little while! Hope you are doing well and that one day we can catch up again!

Jeri and Dennis said...

He has the Cute market cornered.

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