April 14, 2011

10 Months

Well, another month has come and gone and little Landon is becoming more and more grown up. He walked for the first time a week ago and every day he gets better at it and wants to do it more. I love the look of his face when he is teetering along. So. Happy.

His front teeth are trying to poke through. Boy, have those things been causing grief.

Slowly, but surely he is getting better around strangers. I take him to storybook time at the library at least once a week and on Tuesday he even started flirting with a little girl next to us.

He LOVES to feed himself now. Bananas are a new fav. This also means the amount of mess he makes when eating has gotten exponentially worse.

He's such a good helper in the garden. Loves to sit on his blanket and laugh at me while I water the plants.

I love him.

One last thing. I came across this poem and just had to share...
I tried to teach my child with books;
He gave me only puzzled looks.
I tried to teach my child with words;
They passed him by often unheard.
Despairingly, I turned aside;
“How shall I teach this child,” I cried?
Into my hand he put the key,
“Come,” he said, “Play with me.”
Author Unknown
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Jesse said...
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stacy marie said...

he is so cute! and that cat video was hilar! oh man. no words. lol! btw, what did you think of "girl of the limberlost." it's okay if you didn't like it :) but i hope you liked it a little ;)

Megan+Taylor Dicou said...

I seriously can't believe he's walking now! Crazy. Life is going by too quickly.

Brianna & Paul said...

Oh Becca, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that poem. Thank you for posting it. I think I'm going to cross stitch that. It says it all.

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