March 13, 2011

You've been out of the womb as long as you were in it?!

I seriously can't believe Landon is three months away from being a year old!

New things he can do:
1. Wave hi.
2. Make the signs for diaper change, milk, and "all done." He will repeat the diaper change sign back to me when I do it, and just in the last week he has started doing it on his own. He gets really excited when I sign milk. He does "all done" all the time so I'm not sure he realizes yet what it means.
3. Say mama AND dada; although dada usually comes out as "uh duh."
4. Scream at the very tip top of his lungs. I was pretty sure he couldn't get any louder but he has definitely surpassed my expectations.
5. Become upset when I say no.
6. Stand on his own for 5 - 10 seconds.
7. Move his head side to side when I say, "shake it."
8. Eat his new favorite foods - apple cinnamon oatmeal, spinach and sweet potatoes.
9. Crawl up onto my lap and sit there. (When I'm down on the floor with him. I LOVE when he does this.)
10. Get into EVERYTHING.

Things we are still waiting for him to do:
1. Eat foods other than his perfectly pureed baby mush. (He hates any chunks and refuses to eat Cheerios or Puffs.)
2. Sleep through the night. (Please Landon can we meet this milestone soon...)

18.96 lbs (24th percentile)
28 inches tall (41st percentile)
18 in head circumference (62nd percentile)

Here are a few of the many *cute* faces of Landon:

Feeding himself for the first time:

Totally unphased by the fact that I put his flatopotamus on his head:

Going into the crevice to retrieve his baby monitor to chew on:

Hanging out in the canyon while Daddy was shooting bridals:

Heading into Daddy's office to watch him work:

Looking out the window: (He can stand on our bed and hold the window ledge; great fun in the mornings.)

Putting up with crazy hairdos/cruising around the table and chairs:

Happy nine month b-day little man!
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stacy marie said...

babies are the most tangible little miracles. he is too cute. i love his baby food pic. :)

The Cunninghams said...

he looks so cute! I can't believe it's almost ben a year.

Heather said...

Oh my omg!! He is getting so old! I can't wait to see all the things he can do now.

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