February 1, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

We are finally at the new pad and after moving in we had to go a whole week before the internet could get setup. I know, a week. It. was. torturous. However, it got me thinking about the other things in life that I couldn't live without. Here's what made the top 5 list:

1. Internet (obviously). Connect to people. Look up phone numbers. Find sweet stuff on KSL (Utah's Craig's List - way less creepy). Watch favorite TV shows. Find great recipes. Print coupons. Google random things. The possibilities are endless.

2. Landon's binky.
He didn't start taking his binky until he was 6 months old. Good grief. However, now that he can (and enjoys) sucking it, life is sooooo much better for the both of us.
3. Magic Eraser. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm probably one of the most obsessively clean/organized people around. Like, we are talking OCD level. Cleaning is how I stay sane. It makes me happy. I love cleaning. Seriously. The Magic Eraser can take off the toughest of stains. I attacked our disgustingly dirty front door with it, and voila: now it's perfectly white.
4. Camera. I loooooooove taking pictures (mostly of Landon of course). But I know that in 50 years, when my memory is shot I will be so thankful for the thousands and thousands of pictures I take.
5. Books. Aside from cleaning, reading is one of my favorite pastimes. I used to love being crafty and scrapbooking but as of right now there is too little time for that and it's just too much work. So, I have been reading like crazy. I look forward to nursing Landon for that sole reason. I just finished rereading my all-time fav, The Giver.
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McCall and Eric said...

Aren't magic erasers the best? I love this post. Cute idea! My email is mccallcarson@gmail.com! Thanks!

Krystal said...


Alicia said...

I totally know what you mean about the binki. Every few days Hannah will take her binki, and those are the good days where naps go as planned and everybody is happier!

inne said...

Keep me I love reading about you guys :)

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