October 22, 2010

Update from Scott

Landers and I are enjoying our time in WA while Scott is having a blast in NZ. It's colder here than in Utah so I got the little man this hat.

I've got a couple emails from Scott so here are some of the things he has said about the trip so far:


New Zealand is absolutely gorgeous. I hope I have a chance to post some pics in the next couple days. We've been suuuuper busy ever since we arrived. We had an enormous group waiting for us at the airport. We got situated in the place we're staying and then started practicing. I had to learn a song to play with the other group right away. Oh, the place we're at is up on a hill overlooking a bay that opens into the ocean. It looks identical to a place in Washington up by Vancouver and all the islands. Super green and pretty cold. It actually rained a bunch today and I thought for a while I was in Washington.

We are 20 hours ahead of you. It is almost midnight here which would be 4 am for you. Anyways, everyone here is sooooooo insanely kind and generous and chill. So we have a pretty big show tomorrow, just so happens to be at the stake center. A lot of people from the area (members and non members) are expected to come. Even a lot of political leaders from the area. So we practiced all night. It's a pretty big/long show.

Anyways, I am EXHAUSTED, i can barely keep my eyes open. The flight was sooooo long and I couldn't really sleep in it. Tomorrow is a BIG BIG day. We have to get up at 5 am and go do the television show. It's the number one watched morning show in NZ!! Im playing two songs. Then we have rehearsals and the first show tomorrow night!

Later that night:

I just got back from the concert and I'm gonna head to bed! The concert went sooooo insanely well and it was so much fun! The place was filled and then some. Way more people came than I expected. Actually, you'll be happy to know that a bunch of people from the WETA production company came - they're the guys who made Lord of the Rings with Peter Jackson!!! Crazy eh!?!!?!?
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Stacy Dean said...

I LOVE WETA! I used to have all those guys names memorized and on my "must aspire to work with" someday list. Scott is a lucky one!!

Megan+Taylor Dicou said...

I am so jealous of your husband! :)

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