October 25, 2010

News from NZ

We are in Hamilton now and most of our big traveling is finally over. We're pretty much between here and Auckland now which is only a couple hours away. We left Hastings this morning after a HUUUGE potluck breakfast and farewell party. The people in Hastings were soooo incredible and so kind to us. They just loved us like nothing else!!! Hastings was like 98% Mauri too so it was really crazy seeing so much of their lifestyle/traditions so close up!! I have so many things to show/teach you about them when i get back!! They did the Haka too for us right before we left. It was soooo scary because one minute they're loving and hugging us and then the next they're doing this ancient war cry and screaming in our faces! It was funny!

So i really wanna go bungy jumping but its $120!!! We stopped by the bungy jumping place on our way over today and it was soooo cool. It's in a super pretty area over a huge amazon type jungle and river. Its all natural and looks so pretty!!

When we got to Hamilton today we drove right past the temple! It is soooooo pretty, looks like Navou I think. Its soooo cool and up on a hill. I cant wait to get pics. We went straight to a section of church college where there were tooooooons of people waiting to greet us. When we arrived we were sung to and greeted and hugged and then we had a huge FEED (meal) like usual. Then right after dinner we went outside and played touch (rugby) with all the teen guys and got our butts kicked. Justin and Jacob had never played before so it was really fun. Luckily I remembered most of the rules but it just killed me! I couldnt play very long. Then right after that we had a practice with the band. It sounded soooooooo good and im actually really excited now to play with them!
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