October 9, 2010

Snuggly Boy

The other night Landon woke up around midnight. This is not unusual, however he usually goes back to sleep after eating. So, when he decided he would rather stay up and flail his arms and legs about, punching and kicking me in bed, I decided to scoot over so he couldn't reach me. I wasn't entirely thrilled about this nighttime party, so I let him do his thing while I tried to go back to sleep. Well, sure enough, in a matter of 5 minutes he had shimmied himself right up to me, grabbed a hold of my arm and then instantly went to sleep.

Who needs a stuffed animal to cuddle at night when you got mommy?
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Stacy Dean said...

ugh i am so lamespice on my commenting! i read ALL your blogs but have been off the radar. anyways,

he is the cutest! love love all the pics. and the costumes. and the funny stories. you are such a cute mom becca. srsly. i hope i get even close to your mommy awesomeness. :) hope you guys are doing awesome as i'm sure scott is busy taking over the world!

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