July 1, 2010

Family Visit, Birthday Boy, and the Babe

This past week my fam came out to visit. It was so nice to have them here! Grandma sure enjoyed holding her little grandson! We mostly stayed at home, taking care of the babe, but we did get out to see Scott in action on his film set, and eat at the Mayan.
Yesterday was Scott's birthday. (Yay! I loooooove birthdays!) He wasn't excited about it at all though. The reason being, he is currently working on the set of a feature film and consequently, works 14 hour days. Sooooooo, it didn't seem like much of a birthday, having to wake up at 5:30 and not return home until 8. However, when he got home, he was greeted with decorations, a fabulous cake (minus candles - totally spaced those), and some presents.

The cake was AMAZING. You have to try this recipe (and the frosting that goes with it). So easy! Found it online and will definitely use it again. (And I'm usually not a cake person.) The only change I made, was I used 1 cup chocolate chips, and 1 cup cut up Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. It's so rich and moist... I hope there's still some left for Scott when he gets home. :) Go check out the recipe here: Best Chocolate Cake Recipe

For one of Scott's gifts, I got in touch with my crafty side. I made Scott a picture frame with Landon in it for him to have on his desk at work. Bought the frame base, poem, ribbon, and sticker letters for less than $4.00 at the local scrapbook store. Used paper I had at home. Took a picture of Landon, edited it, and printed it at Walmart instantly for $0.28. Turned out pretty cute, if I don't say so myself. Then, for a big shocker, I got Scott the Cannon 5D Mark II camera he has been wanting. I knew he would never actually buy it for himself, so I did. :) Watching him flip out was priceless.
Landon is almost three weeks old. Crazy how the time flies. He is just such a stud! Look at this little guy model for the camera!Thoughts on mommyhood?

1) The difficulty of it all. Definitely much harder than I ever imagined. EVER. Like, I'm not sure words can even do it justice.

2) The patience required. My goodness, I thought I had adequately developed the skill of patience. Oh geez, even 26 third graders cannot prepare you for the patience needed at 3 in the morning, trying to feed a crying baby that hasn't slept at all, (thus you haven't slept) and after being fed, burped, changed, and held - still cries and doesn't want to go to sleep. And knowing it will be like this the rest of the night, and tomorrow, and the next day...

3) The miracle of it all. We created this little human?! Seriously? Creation is truly the most remarkable thing.

He is just so precious and as hard as it all is, it's definitely worth it. Here are some of the things I love about Landon: (In no particular order)

1) The way he hits himself in the face with both fists every time he sneezes. And when a sneeze doesn't end up coming out, the way he lets out a big sigh.

2) How he suspends his legs in the air when he drinks from a bottle.

3) How he screams bloody murder when I change his wet diapers, but sits there as calm as can be when I change the messy ones.

4) When he sits in my lap and just stares into my eyes.

5) When he grabs my finger and holds onto it for dear life.

6) How he instantly quits crying when I play him his lullaby mix made up of Death Cab for Cutie songs.

7) When he smiles and giggles while sleeping. And all the other funny faces he makes while sleeping. Sleeping in general. Just too darn cute.
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Stacy Dean said...

oh my gosh, you guys have a good lookin kid! he is really really cute. and you look uhmazing! and woot to scotts bday and new camera! and i just loved this post. just loved the honesty and awesomeness! congrats and hope the road ahead is wonderful!

Megan&Taylor Dicou said...

Becca, I love reading your blogs because I can just picture you saying every word. You are the cutest wife and mommy :) I can't believe how cute Landon is--every time I see a picture of him I have to say--Awww. SO cute.

Bryan and Carolyn Turnage said...

I want to come and eat up your Landon!!!! I already love him and can't wait to talk to you!!!!! And I still need your address so I can get his gift in the mail...I look at it everyday and think...I need to get my gift to him...email me...facebook it to me...or call me - my favorite option!!! Love you guys!!!

The Cunninghams said...

I love that frame and you look so great! I felt the same way with Noah being hard. It was almost like I couldn't stand being away from him, but I always needed a break. Oh man... I still feel that way. I hope that gets better some day.

Stephanie said...

Dang girl! He is such a little cuttie! You guys made a cute little guy there. You look absolutely adorable too :). Good luck with it all! You'll be a great mommy!

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