June 19, 2010

More Pictures of Our Lil Landon

Still at the hospital:
Under the Bililights. Landon had too much Bilirubin (chemical produced when red blood cells are broken down, usually secreted through the liver, but there was too much for his baby liver to get rid of), so he was put under these lights to help get rid of it.
Going home outfit - and yes it is a newborn size...Under the biliblanket at home. Similar to the lights in the hospital.
Little toes!Zonked out on daddy:
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Megan and Taylor Dicou said...

I can't get over how cute he is Becca :)

Jami said...

Glad he's home, glad you're alive, and can't wait for more updates to come.

Happy Father's Day, Scott!

Stacy Dean said...

he is so beautiful :) look at you now! mommy pro and everything. i always think girls look wiser after they have a baby. and you do :) congratulations you guys!

McCall and Eric said...

He is adorable! I love the name Landon. What a cute little guy. And that outfit with the hat is SO cute!

Erin said...

oh how sweet! I am so glad that everything went well. He is adorable. Congrats on being parents!

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