June 13, 2010

D Day and New Spice

Dearest Landon,

Guess what today is? You got it, June 13 - yep, the day you should arrive. We have been waiting for 40 weeks now. 40 weeks. And really, you can add another year and then some before that of waiting for you too. And now, you have decided to make your appearance all that more dramatic by being late. I suppose I might be getting ahead of myself. Since it's only 8:30am, there is still a chance you could be born today. However, less than 5% of babies actually come on their due date. Sooooooo, I'm thinking you are just going to take your time and make your grand debut later rather than sooner. You'd think after waiting so long thus far, what's a few more days? And, well, generally I like to think of myself as a pretty patient person - I taught third grade for crying out loud. Yet, I'm REALLY done waiting. Could you please come NOW?

Dearest blog readers,

On Saturday, Scott shot a promo video for the BYU library. It's a parody of the Old Spice commercial that's all one shot (no camera cuts). I got some behind the scene stills of the action - check it: There was a whole set in the atrium of the library, then in a matter of seconds, the actor's sweatshirt comes off, the couch is pulled away, the wall drops, the tree is snagged, and the backpack falls onto his shoulders. Then he walks toward the elevator as the camera follows on the dolly. Sweet huh? They did tons of takes, but finally nailed it after three hours.
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Bryan and Carolyn Turnage said...

when I saw D Day...I was so excited to see pictures of Landon. Just keep reminding yourself that he has to come out sooner or later...he can't stay in there forever!!!!!

The Cunninghams said...

Can't wait to see pictures of Landon! I hope everything goes smoothly for you Becca!

Stephanie said...

Haha oh Becca! Well for your sanity I hope he decides to come soon! And... well Eric and I actually broke up like a week ago. yeah... Oh well I'm okay now and starting to move on but its not easy. BUT! I'm SOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! :)

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