March 4, 2010

Scott's Concert

On Monday night (yes, Monday was a very eventful day - see previous post about my electrocuted student), Scott played guitar in a band with Justin Williams, who was on American Idol earlier this season. The concert was at the Covey Center in Provo and they were opening for David Osmond, nephew of Donny Osmond. They did so good! Justin and Scott just met a week ago and Justin loved Scott's music so much he wanted him to play in the concert and use some of Scott's songs on the CD he is releasing soon. Rock on. The concert was really kind of a big deal - entertainment tonight was there, and you can read the following article about the concert on their website. Click here: Osmonds in Utah
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Bryan and Carolyn Turnage said...

makes me laugh you know Justin!! He and I became very good friends in Arizona. Tell him I say hi next time you see him!

Bryan and Carolyn Turnage said...

We met in at a party and just became good friends. It was him, and another guy named Aaron and the three of us would do all kinds of stuff together. At the time, I needed his friendship more than anything else in my life. He is a great friend.

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