January 19, 2010

Prego Picts

Here are some picts from last week (18 weeks pregnant). They are unedited (since Scott's so busy, who knows when he'll have time to edit them) but you get the gist. We find out in 9 days if the baby's a boy or girl!!!! What do you think it will be???

This weekend was packed full of fun! Scott's short film premiere was on Saturday and the theater that sat 700 was pretty well filled. Everyone loved the movie (of course!) and about 30 of us, including cast, crew, and family went out to eat afterward at Utah's version of Craigos. Scott's aunt and uncle even flew out from Georgia and his sisters drove down from Rexburg for the big event.

We spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with Heather and Jen (Scott's sisters). We saw Avatar, played games, watched movies at home, ate yummy snacks (lil BBQ smokies and 7-layer dip), and went clothes shopping at Shade since the girls don't have one of those in Idaho. I got some maternity clothes there so that makes me excited!
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Stacy Dean said...

ohmygosh my life is complete. baby bump pics. {squeal!}

you look fab. srsly. And I'm going to make my legit-awesome guess and say:

GIRRRRRLLL! for sure. no lies. I'm really really good at this. yea!

p.s. I wish I could see scotts movie! The poster looks awesome. And also, thanks for the bloggy comment. I do remember that poem I wrote you!!!! you made my day remembering it :)


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