January 25, 2010

An Active Baby and Other Updates

We've made it halfway! This is the 20 week pict. Just in the past few days I've really been able to feel the baby move. So cool! There is definitely no mistaking this movement for anything else. Scott is very jealous that he can't feel it yet. :)

This past Friday my students found out! I overheard a group of them saying, "You ask her!" "No, YOU ask her." When I asked what they were talking about they just got all giggly and said, "Nothing!" Finally one of the kids had the guts to come up to me and say, "We think you're pregnant." Soooooo I announced it to the class and they were so excited! Of course all the girls are hoping it will be a girl and the boys are rooting for a boy.

Here is a picture from two weekends ago when Scott had his Air movie premire. This pict doesn't do justice to the amount of people there but it was the best I could get, so you can kind of get an idea.

One of the things we did when Scott's sisters were here was take random cell-phone-spelling pictures. It was very entertaining! Here is a sample:

This is just another cool pict Scott took that night, of the flashing DVD sign in our apartment. No editing, just zooming in with a slow shutter.

Finally, this past weekend was the LDS Film Festival. Air was in the festival so we went to see the short films program. There was quite a mix of good and well, not-so-good movies. After the festival a group of us went out to eat at Olive Garden. We ended staying there for like 3 hours. Everyone was having so much fun, and so full, and dreading driving in the blizzard outside. However, by the time we left at 11, the snow had stopped! Scott (and Wayne to the left) with Air's main actors:
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Stacy Dean said...

hahaha I love kids. They prob were like...."did she eat a meat ball sandwich or is she preggers...you ask!" Your so cute! love it. And How the heck do you do a cell phone pic like that?!

Bryan and Carolyn Turnage said...

Have you found out what's inside yet? Should I be sending you pink or blue stuff?!?!?!?! I'm just so excited for you. You are such a cute pregnant chick!

Jami said...

Wow, it really makes it REAL to have the baby bump, I bet. You are an adorable pregnant woman and that's really cute how your students acted :) What a difference between children and teenagers. . .my kids would probably make either fat jokes or sex jokes. They're all expressing love, I suppose, just in their own little way :)

Let us know when you find out if you're having a son or daughter.

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