October 18, 2009

Wild Things - a Little too Wild

I was so excited to see Where the Wild Things Are!! Loved the book and the preview alone made me wanna cry. SOOOOO Scott and I went opening day to see it. Reaction after the movie? "Huh." The strangeness of it cannot even really be voice. It was just, I don't know, too over the top wild. It wasn't one of those "truly moving films" as many said. Secondhand Lions - now that was truly moving. This... just weird. The music was odd, and the cinematography annoying (and out of focus as Scott pointed out on many occasions). However, there were a couple things this film had goin for it: Max Records (who played Max) did very well; really brought to life Max from the book. The locations were phenomenal (that's Australia for ya), and the lighting was hands down beautiful. But overall? Don't waste your money seeing this one in the theater, go buy the children's book instead. The book really is always better.
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Linda said...

I've never even read the book, so maybe I should read it : ) That's kind of sad that the movie couldn't deliver the emotion of the book. And yeah, Micah and I love secondhand lion, too! That's a good movie.

Stacy Dean said...

I saw it last night and here is what I gathered:

here are my loves: I loved that it was def "indie" vibe all the way. I loved the kids performance. He's from portland-holla! I loved the angles the used sometimes to get a "childs" perspective like when he was under her computer, in his snow fort etc. I also loved the camera man hoofin it all the freaking time behind the actors. I don't know why. I thought it was "cloverfield" esque at times and I love me some cloverfield. Although i did get a little motion sicky once. but what evs. Um...I loved the issues they plugged into the story. I mean, the book was like...10 lines long or something, but I thought the child angst, father gone, mother struggling, sucky sister worked.

what else...Oh, i LOVED the way he would set up his shots every now and then to feel like...BAM, there's are poster shot. like the desert walking, the mini fort, head shot, etc. I really like the director so maybe I'm biased.

Anyhoots, i'm with you on the confusion part though. There were tons of script stuff that I was just like...? But i held on because i'm like...this sucker is getting an oscar nod fo sho so I better find out why...and all I could gather....from the weird interactions and playing, hurt feelings etc. is the fragile dynamics of families when you throw in imperfections. Whoa. deep stace.

anyways, everyone is raving about this film, and overall all...theater wise...I would have preferred to enjoy it from home. wasn't my "theater" experiences i was looking for.

okay...this was WAY to long, but I just needed to get all that out! hahaha. oh, and i agree...out of focus at times fo sho. But i got the feeling that they did some things more "raw" for the sack of being edgy. you know...like....i'm sure if you asked the director he'd blather on about a childs perpsective being somewhat skewed, confused and over-heightened emotionally. but at those times...i was like....? oh...and the swallowing part? ick! but richard the racoon was in there whole so that made me feel better. lol

Jamie Blake said...

good to know! love the book, but will probably wait and rent the movie when it comes out.

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