July 11, 2009

Life of a Filmaker

This weekend Scott filmed a commercial for an Amazon contest. 30 seconds of pure genius. It is going to be out of this world. He filmed in Salt Lake and our neighborhood. The kids on the block ate it up. (See picture below.) The pictures give away the ghettoness of how he got the shots, however, if you saw them on the camera you would be amazed.

Contest details: Due July 31st. Five top videos will be chosen by amazon judges and posted on their site on August 24. Amazon members (free to subscribe) can vote and rate their fav commercial (only once). There is a prize for highest rating, and a judges prize. Both are worth 10,000 in amazon money. Sweeeeeeet.

Three heads are better than one.

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Stacy and Richard Dean said...

TEN TOWSAND DOLLAS!!!!!!! WHOA! but amazon dollars right? That awesome/stinks! Can you like....transfer to a bank account...lol. THat would be great. amazon dollas can't pay tuitions or rent! But still, he'll win. So what are you going to buy!!!???? Oh man, you should get......I, I can't even think! what the heck is there to buy these days.... equipment? More cameras, booms, green screens! holla. Okay, I'm done now :)

Linda said...

hey this is Micah. Good luck with your amazon video. Don't you need a token asian person in this video?

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