July 6, 2009

Go Where You've Never Been

Oh jeez. As usual, so much to talk about and so little time. Hey! I just realized this post will be exciting - It's all about new places we've gone to. Awesome. Get comfy and enjoy the tour...

All in a Day's Work (Scott's writing this part; YAY)
Ohhhhh snap my peeps, I've never done this before and I'm a little nervous. Anywayz, I spent two weeks of June in San Fran n' LA for a documentary I am working on for BYU-TV. It is a phenomenal story about Pete Grimm and Maxine Tate who's unique lives intersected in the Philippines during WWII. The two of them were responsible for many things including the liberation of the Santo Tomas prison camp, the LDS church being brought into the country, the building of the first churches and temples, and much more. Here are a few snapshots of the many beautiful places we visited while in Cali. (Scott also got to stop in LA and visit with his grandpa.)
Da Birthday Boy
Scott's birthday was on June 30. I decorated out to wazoo. (Very proud of myself.) I surprised him with a jaunt to Boondocks Fun Center in Draper. Being a Tuesday, we got unlimited mini golf, bumper boats, go carts, and laser tag. Sweet. Of course we also had to hit up Red Robin for dinner for a free birthday burger and mud pie slice. Yum. Ended the night with the usual presents, cake, ice cream, and a very off-key rendition of the Happy Birthday song.
A Happy Reunion
Saturday morn Scott and I headed up to SLC to meet my college roomie, Carolyn. We only got to be roommates for one semester and it was all the way back in 2006 but she was the best! Soooo good to see her and finally meet her hubby! We got breakfast, walked around the farmers market, reminisced and played catch up on each others lives. (The contraption pictured below was on display at the market. Tinkerbell's summer house or something.)
Stadium of FIRE
Although we tried desperately to sell our Stadium of Fire tickets, we did not succeed, and thank goodness! It was way worth it. First off, the show was broadcast to army bases all over the world. Tons of dancing with fire, flags, and flips. Glenn Beck was awesome as the MC. There was an amazing choir and marching band. Jet planes and army helicopters flew over the stadium. Shedaisy was pretty good; if you're into that kind of thing. Everyone showed their patriotism by singing the National Anthem together for the troops. That was enough to make me teary-eyed. Then the good ol' Jonas Brothers had all the 11 year old girls screaming their heads off. But, in all honestly, they actually weren't half bad! And the Fireworks!! UNBELIEVABLE. There was like three separate pyro displays all lit from within the stadium. So cool. The raining firework debris was a nice touch too. Only downside was it took us two hours to get home. Yikes.
Finding the Perfect One
We are well on our way to finding our next car. You'd think this would be a fun thing to do. HA. However, after test driving tons of different models we have finally narrowed it down: Honda Accord. Now we just need to find the one for us...
After thought: If you haven't yet, check out our music player. I'm so excited about this and I just added a few more stellar songs.

"If music be the food of love, play on." ~Shakespeare
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Stacy and Richard Dean said...

Whoa. You guys are always like, Whoa. lol. We are looking at cars too. I hate spending money. And nice job on the bday decor and what not! You rock. That is all.

Jami said...

Wow, sounds like an adventerous week! I can't wait to see how the documentary turns out. It sounds awesome. Stadium of Fire looked incredible! Good luck finding a car--I think that process would stress me out too. Thanks for the update :)

McCall and Eric said...

Hey Becca! It sounds like you're having a fun summer. Jonas Brothers...that has got to be a highlight! I'm so jealous that you are teaching third grade, that's what I student taught and I loved it! I Hope that everything is going well!

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