December 6, 2008

Get to Know You Pictionary

I saw this game on my friend Jami's blog. It's fun to do if you are bored or just not wanting to do any real work. Or, in my case, if you haven't put anything interesting on your blog for a while and feel a need to spice it up. Try it so I can see what you come up with as well! This is how it works: For each question, look up your answer in a Google image search. Then, choose the first image only (unless it's disgusting, then go with the next best one.)

My age.

Place I'd like to travel (Germany).
A favorite place.
Favorite subject.
Favorite food.
Favorite animal.
Favorite color.
Town where I was born. (Olympia, WA)
Town where I grew up.
A past pet.
A past love.
Favorite ice cream flavor. (Cheesecake Fantasy)
My first name.
My maiden or middle name. (Clauson)
My last name (add an "s").
My bad habit.
My first job. (Chinese food restaurant hostess)
My degree.
What I am doing right now.
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Deanski said...

This is the coolest. You have saved the blog-o-sphere from boredom for a change! You're amazing.

Micah and Linda said...

Hey Becca, I finally finished my Pictionary. That was fun! Thanks for the idea!

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