May 19, 2013

Highlights from Life

Presenting our insta collage recap of March - May, with a few detailed points I'd like to remember. Thank you Landon for taking an especially long nap so I could get through this. 

Baking & Buys:

  • This feels like an eternity ago! I went with a much simpler St. Patrick's Day treat, compared to last year. Landon was ridiculously ecstatic about the colorful cupcakes.  
  • Bought all of the clothes pictured from Gap for $3 total; regular price $100. Combination 40% off storewide and credit card rewards = one happy momma. 
  • Actually bought a new, hardcover book for myself. Haven't done that in about three years. Landon already has Chicka Chicka memorized and recites it often. He is obsessed with letters and numbers. Can count to 70 (while looking at the written numbers) and knows all the letter sounds, and examples of words that make those sounds.


  • I singlehandedly ate three bags of jelly beans in three days, along with candy for lunch the two weeks following Easter. Probably not the best idea. First time I've actually gained weight because of my sugar addiction. 
  • Landon had a spectacular Easter. Went to a couple egg hunts and festivities at BYU, along with having my mom and brother here to visit.


  • This was the second time in my life that Easter has fallen on my birthday (March 31). What fun! And get this: We went to Park City that day and in a random used bookstore, I opened up to a random page in a book and this is what I found: A girl's journal entry about her birthday, which was on March 31! What on earth are the chances?! 
  • My mom was amused by the fact that it could be 70 outside, yet still have snow on the ground. :)
  • Went to see the progress on the Provo Tabernacle that is being rebuilt into a temple, after a fire a couple years ago gutted the place. 

Train Ride:

  • We are all about Saturday adventures. Usually we head up to Salt Lake City for this or that. One Saturday, we found out a new Trax train line was opening that would run from downtown SLC to the airport. Free rides all day! It was Landon's first train ride and he loved it. They had fun activities at each of the stops. At the fairgrounds, Landon was enthralled by the magician, didn't want to leave the bounce house, and got a balloon sword. (Which of course lasted all of 10 minutes before he popped it.) 

Tulip Festival:

  • Another fun Saturday outing. It's always so refreshing when it's warm outside and everything is in bloom. These long, cold winters have made me appreciate spring and summer so much more. 

Daddy Time:

  • Landon just loves spending time with Scott. All morning long he asks me, "Is it time to wake Daddy up yet?" "Is it time now?" Scott tries to spend a little time in the morning before work playing with him, and they will ride bikes to various parks after dinner, while I hit up the gym to work off all that Easter candy fat. :) 

Faces of L:

  • I'm was making dinner one night, and looked over to find Landon putting one colored pencil at a time into his shirt pocket until he could fit no more. He said, "Look Mom! I'm a doctor! These are my tools."

Our Days:

  • Lately it has been gorgeous outside. And we're loving every minute of it. 
  • We also love bubbles and squirt guns.
  • Dress up. Landon has taken quite a liking to the pink princess dress; it was bound to happen, his best friends are all girls.
  • Free cupcakes. Just this once! I really have been significantly cutting down my sugar intake -  which has been ridiculously difficult. 
  • Walking all over Timbuktu.
  • Reenacting scenes from Peter Pan, at least 20 times each. "K Mom, now you get on the chair and jump off saying, 'You can fly, you can fly, you can fly!'" 
  • Landon loves to assign us new names. For a while I was always Daisy, Landon went by Donald, and Scott was Clarabelle Cow.
  • Thank heavens we still get a good nap in too. 
  • With the time and season changes, Landon has been going to bed around 9:00pm and waking up around 6:00am. It has been heavenly.

Family Fun:

  • One of our favorite Saturday trips included an afternoon at City Creek in SLC. Landon loves anything and everything to do with water. He was nailed a couple of times in the face but shook it off and went back for more. And as a somewhat related side note, he insists on taking a shower with me every morning, followed by a bath while I finish getting ready, then a second shower with Scott afterward. Needless to say, he stays pretty clean.
  • Last weekend Scott & Brendo had their first live show! They were the opening band, had a large crowd of fans there, and performed very well. Landon came to see Daddy play, and although it was quite loud and he made me cover his ears during each song, he loved it. Now he runs around the house playing his instruments, "just like daddy in the rock and roll band."

Other Notables: (and a couple completely random pictures)

  • We've been house hunting since March. The "fun" stage lasted all of a couple weeks and now it's just tiresome. Don't get me wrong, I'm super excited about the ability to have our own home, but there just seems to be set back after set back preventing us from getting any house we deem a possibility. I'm sure it will happen eventually, but patience is not one of my better virtues, and the prospect of spending another scorching summer in our second floor apartment without AC is a little daunting. 
  • Along with the music really taking off, Scott has been getting tons of offers for various projects from features to commercials all because of his youtube channel. Film opportunities with Fanta, AT&T, Virgin Mobile, Break Media, and the Travel Channel are currently in the works. It's going to be a busy summer!

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Mitzi said...

You guys have one cute little guy! Good luck with the house hunting, I can imagine it gets stressful.

Danielle said...

So fun to see the updates of your family. Life is truly wonderful with joy in the little things. You have the knack of making the fun in little things. Your hair is getting long, but you knew that. Best wishes in the house hunting and in Scott's career. Fun to follow it.
Around here we are eagerly awaiting our first grandbaby about the 20th of June. Yay!

Meg + Taylor said...

I LOVE when you update your blog!!!! Theres always such awesome pictures to look at. I think I might be in love with Landon. He is so cute! And his style? Awesome! I hope I can dress my little guy as cute :) I just love how much Landon loves Scott too. They look like best friends. It's adorable. House hunting?! Exciting and stressful! So staying in UT for the long haul? That is so great that Scott's music and projects are going so well! Not surprised though. Glad you and your family are doing well! Miss you!

stacy marie said...

How did I not comment on this yet?!

Well, your pictures are so lovely! I love the way you document your life.

I love Landon's hair down like he had in that one picture! It just looked so sweet for some reason :)

Your bangs are amaze balls. I'm sure you know this!

I can't believe how busy Scott is! Well, scratch that, yes I can. He was always dabbling in a thousand different mediums, but I'm so happy that he is like..a rapper/musician/film maker/cool dad/still cool scott? I wish I was that good at so many things man!

I'm sure your life is so full of crazy right now with it being summer fun time and all the crazy things scott gets into! Blog on my friend, blog on. I get so excited when I see a post!

Loves S

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